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Our Expertise

Derived from traditional techniques, we have successfully adapted our methods of preparation to suit production on an industrial scale, to meet growing demand from domestic and export markets. Each stage of our product preparation process is regulated by a quality control program complying with HACCP standards (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) the most exacting international standards in food preparation : quality control from the moment fish are received up to the moment final product is shipped, control of cold chain maintenance, sanitation programme, training and responsibility of production line personnel, etc.


The dry-salting process extracts some water from the flesh, which contributes to a palatable texture, without drying out the flesh. With a precise control of the duration of the operation, we prevent a too salty taste from concealing the subtle flavours that are sought after. Salt is also a positive factor in the extended shelf life of smoked fish.


Connoisseurs will tell you that cold smoking at between 21 and 35 degrees Celsius is the secret for achieving good smoked salmon. We have personalized our line of smoked products through an ingenious mix of maple and fruit tree wood chips, that infuse our products with a delicate, inimitable flavour.

We closely control temperature, humidity and smoking time so as to achieve a consistent product, in quality, taste, aroma, colour and texture. A traditional method for preserving food, smoking is also a factor in the extended conservation of the delicate fish flesh.


Slicing is a critical operation because it allows the product to be displayed, with all its qualities. The mechanical slicing process that we have selected allows for the production of slices that are more regular in both thickness and form. Our slicing angle is also more flexible, producing a sliced flesh that is easy to handle for consumers.


This step is the cornerstone of our quality control process, where all the gustatory qualities of smoked products (aroma, colour, texture, flavour, freshness) are analysed and tested, to verify that they meet the quality standards the company has set for itself

Finished products

Whether in small sizes or in economy formats, we propose distinctive packages, which contribute to extended shelf life and add a touch of prestige in a retail display. At this stage, all our quality criteria have been met and we are proud to add our Bleumer foods brand name.

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